How to win online competitions

Lets be honest, when it comes to competitions it’s not the taking part but the winning that counts. That’s why I thought I would give you my tips to help you win online competitions.

Tip: 1 Never give up – This is the most important tip and why it’s first, just don’t give up trying to win, don’t be negative. Negative people always lose!

Tip: 2 Find a good site that lists competitions, I mentioned this in my post First things first. You should find a site that is regularly updated with free competitions and subscribe to their rss feed, doing this will get you updated everytime they add a new competition.

Tip: 3 Read the rules, make sure you enter properly and that you are elegible to win. Refering back to tip to if you find a good site that lists competitions, they will tell you the rules, who can enter and win the draw closes etc.

Tip: 4 Use a different email address, use a genuine email address and check it regularly, but make sure it’s not your main one.

Tip: 5 Avoid text competitions, these types of competitions can be costly. If you see a competition on tv, like itv, don’t use the number they give you to call or text, do a quick search online you can always enter for free via their website.

That’s it for today, subscribe to this sites feed and get more tips soon.