How to win online competitions

Lets be honest, when it comes to competitions it’s not the taking part but the winning that counts. That’s why I thought I would give you my tips to help you win online competitions.

Tip: 1 Never give up – This is the most important tip and why it’s first, just don’t give up trying to win, don’t be negative. Negative people always lose!

Tip: 2 Find a good site that lists competitions, I mentioned this in my post First things first. You should find a site that is regularly updated with free competitions and subscribe to their rss feed, doing this will get you updated everytime they add a new competition.

Tip: 3 Read the rules, make sure you enter properly and that you are elegible to win. Refering back to tip to if you find a good site that lists competitions, they will tell you the rules, who can enter and win the draw closes etc.

Tip: 4 Use a different email address, use a genuine email address and check it regularly, but make sure it’s not your main one.

Tip: 5 Avoid text competitions, these types of competitions can be costly. If you see a competition on tv, like itv, don’t use the number they give you to call or text, do a quick search online you can always enter for free via their website.

That’s it for today, subscribe to this sites feed and get more tips soon.


Free Online Competitions in the UK

As I said before competitions are a very popular past time in the UK, are they popular in your country? I can only tell you about the UK because that’s where I live.

What I often used to ask myself is: Why do companies in the UK have competitions?

There are many reasons companies do this, one reason is because it’s actually their business. Believe it or not giving stuff away actually makes them money. Online retailers do it because it’s a good source of marketing and a great way for them to find potential customers.

Other companies do it for branding presence and to build their market awareness/share.

Look at this video from Spar for example

They have people making videos and sharing them on youtube so they can win a trip around the world, what a great and cost effective form of marketing!

2 Competition Tips

In my list post I told you a few competition sites I use and gave you a very good tip, when entering competitions use a seperate email address, this is so you won’t be annoyed by emails.

Below are 2 more tips:

Competition tip One: Enter competitions that have First, Second, Third, Fourth – you get the idea the more prizes the better, if you don’t win the big disneyland holiday or house you could still win a few hundred quid, any prize is a good prize. Right?

Tip Two: Enter your real info! Use a seperate email account yes, but make sure you check it regularly or you won’t know if you win will you?

You can see some more competition tips here. That’s where I nicked them from anyway 🙂